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A set of Double 6 or 12 dominoes with each piece measuring approximately 1.75 inch x .75 inch x 0.3 inch. Each set comes with a white sheer organza bag for storage. and is made with hand-pressed florals and botanical. The domino set is clear with silver mica powder and gold dot accents; each piece is unique and each set may differ from the product photo sample.

Hand Pressed Florals: Resin Double 6 or 12 Dominoes Set

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  • Please include custom color details before adding to the cart. Custom marbled colors include up to 3 colors and half & half colors include up to 2 colors. Please note that half & half dominoes may not come out perfectly 50/50 due to the nature of resin curing.

  • All dots will be 1 single color unless multi-color is selected. Multi-color will be a combination of matte acrylic colors (not metallic), with each color being unique to the number (e.g. ones are red, twos are blue, threes are green, and so forth up to number 6). If you would like to customize multi color dots, please add that information at checkout with a descriptive detail of what color you want each number.

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