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Hi, I'm Sam.

I grew up behind the counter of a Thai takeout restaurant turned convenience store called Lucky Express on Nantucket Island, MA. My parents immigrated to the U.S. in the 70s and somehow found themselves on the Faraway Island where they opened up a modest, but successful store at 13 West Creek Road.


It was at Lucky’s where my passions for art, crafts, and business blossomed. When I opened up wsamnipat stationery & gift shop in 2020, it was an Instagram account - named after me - to showcase the things I made as a hobby. I didn’t come up with an actual business name, but it eventually grew into a business - this business.

West Creek Mercantile stocks my own handcrafted goods,  and one day I hope to expand into stocking goods from other small businesses and artists (locally and from around the world).

Outside of my small business, I work as a Marketing Manager for Sports Reference, enjoy short walks to the nearest pizza place, and binge-watching the Hallmark Channel. I also have a marketing, business management, and freelance photography side hustle over at wsamnipat.

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